Shomovskaya Natalya

Artist, follower of realism school.

Member of the Union of Artists "MOOOSKh". 

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List of exhibitions

34. Exhibition "Happy New Year" of the Regional Branch of the Union of Artists of Russia on Krutitsky Val, Moscow, 10.01.2023 – 24.01.2023. 1 painting, 1 sketch.

33. Exposition of sketches from trips to Georgia and paintings, Patriarchal courtyard of the Church of the Great Martyr George the Victorious in Georgians, Moscow. Since August 2022. 11 sketches, 1 painting.

32. Exhibition of sketches, Exhibition hall of the Regional Branch of the Union of Artists of Russia on Krutitsky Val, Moscow, 03.09.2022 – 10.10.2022. 2 sketches.

31. The exhibition "Culture and traditions of the peoples of Russia. On the winds of history.", Library. Denis Davydov, Moscow, 28.05.2022 – 31.08.2022. 4 studies, 1 painting.

30. The exhibition "Spring is coming", dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Moscow Regional Union of Artists, Exhibition Hall of the Administrative Center of the Museum and Temple Complex of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Odintsovo City District, Patriot Park, Moscow region, 07.03.2022 – 20.04.2022. 2 sketches.

29. Anniversary exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Moscow Agricultural Academy, Artichoke Museum and Exhibition Complex, L.N. Tolstoy PCiO, Khimki, Moscow region. 1 painting.

28. Exhibition "We see off Winter – we meet spring", Exhibition Hall on Begovaya Street of the Moscow Branch of the Union of Artists of Russia, Moscow, 10.02.2022 – 25.02.2022. 1 sketch.

27. Exhibition International Art project "MOST-4", Tushino Art Gallery "Tushino", Moscow, 13.01.2022 – 23.01.2022. 1 sketch.

26. Exhibition "Moscow Pastel 2022", Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists on Kuznetsky Bridge, Moscow, 10.01.2021 – 15.01.2022. 1 graphics.

25. The exhibition "The Celebration of Christmas", the Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists on Tverskaya-Yamskaya, Moscow, 12.28.21 – 08.01.2022. 1 sketch.

24. Exhibition "Art Geography of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and Salekhard", Yamalo-Nenets District Museum and Exhibition Complex named after I.S. Shemanovsky, Salekhard, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, 10.12.2021 – 10.03.2022. 1 painting.

23. Exhibition "Art Geography of the Kirov region", Vyatka Art Museum named after V.M. and A.M. Vasnetsov. Kirov, Kirov region, 24.11.21 – 09.12.21. 1 painting, 5 sketches.

22. VIII competition-exhibition "The World through the eyes of artists", Korolev, Moscow region, 27.11.21 – 25.01.2022. 3 sketches.

21. Exhibition of the regional branch of the Union of Artists of Russia, Mozhaysk, 27.11.2022 – 25.01.2022. 2 sketches.

20. Exhibition "QualifArt", MBUK "Mytishchi Art Gallery", Mytishchi, 13.05.2021-27.06.2021. 1 sketch, 1 painting.

19. Winner of the International Classical Painting Competition "Desde Rusia con arte" in the category "Architecture", 2nd place, Spain 2020. Works: 1) St. Sergius. C.o. 55x75. 2020.

18. International competition of classical graphics "Desde Rusia con arte", Spain 2020. 2 works of graphics, 1 painting.

17. International watercolor Contest "Aquarelium 2020", Spain, 2020. 1 graphics.

16. Personal exhibition "Aksakov's places", GBU of Culture and Art of the Republic of Bashkortostan National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan Memorial House-Museum of S.T. Aksakov, 07.07.2020-14.08.2020. 21 sketches, 11 paintings, 14 graphic works.

15. Exhibition "In spite of", workshop of I.I. Ptichkin, April 2020. 2 sketches.

14. Exhibition of botanical painting and illustration "Northern Spring", Peter the Great Botanical Garden, C-Pb. 1 graphics.

13. Contract work for JSC "Marka", 2021: 1) Postcard "March 8th" (tulips), 2) Postcard "Happy Spring holiday!" (daffodils).

12. Exhibition "Moscow Pastel 2020", Moscow Union of Artists, 19.01.2020-25.01.2020. 1 graphics.

11. Exhibition "Christmas on Begovaya", 26.12.2019 – 10.01.2020. 1 etude.

10. Participant of the All-Russian Postcard drawing Contest for New Year and Christmas, 2020

9. Participant of the All-Russian Postage Stamp Drawing Contest for the New Year and Christmas, 2020

8. Contract work for JSC "Marka" according to the results of the competition, 2019: 1) Postage stamp "Merry Snowman" (winner of the competition), 2) Postcard "loyal friends" (winner of the competition), 3) Envelope of the first day, 4) Vignette, 5) Cartmaximum, 6) Folder.

7. Winner of the All-Russian Postcard Drawing Contest for New Year and Christmas, 2019 Postcard "true friends".

6. Winner of the All-Russian Postage Stamp Drawing Contest for New Year and Christmas, 2019 Postage stamp "Merry Snowman".

5. Exhibition "205th anniversary of the birth of M.Y. Lermontov", gallery "Krylatsky ornament", 26.10.2019-15.11.2019. 7 sketches.

4. Exhibition "My favorite Moscow region", MVK PKiO named after L.N. Tolstoy, 24.10-15.12 2019. 2 sketches.

3. Exhibition "Moscow inspires", Moscow State Library of the I.M. Astakhov Cultural Center, October 2019. 2 sketches.

2. Exhibition "VDNH 80 years" based on the results of the plein-air Art project at VDNH. August 1-14, 2019. 1 sketch.

1. Plein air "Art Project of VDNH 80 years", dedicated to the anniversary of VDNH (July 2019). 3 sketches.

Independent plein-airs (2019-2022):

  • Moscow,
  • Moscow region,
  • Tambov region,
  • Abramtsevo,
  • Sergiev Posad,
  • Pyatigorsk,
  • Ivanovo region,
  • Republic of Bashkortostan; Ufa,
  • Republic of Tatarstan; Kazan,
  • Smolensk region,
  • Mordovia,
  • Georgia.


I miss Svaneti

I'm in love with the blue mountains,
But I sigh with sadness:
I'm sad when I'm without you
I'm nine mountains away from you.
I praise you, but I see
Gray has crept into your hair,
If everyone leaves you,
I will not leave, I'm yours.
Field, forest, rivers, springs
Near Your heart live!
My sweet Iori,


Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

I wish happiness, peace, goodness, prosperity, unity of the Orthodox peoples!

Health, joy, love, development, God's help in all good endeavors to you!

Be happy!


Today is the feast of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God.

Today it is 4 years since I arrived at 5.30 am at the Peter and Paul Cathedral in Kazan and at 6 am I already got up for a sketch, watching the windows turn pink from the beginning of the day. The rector, Father Sergius, blessed me, and I collected sketch material for a future painting, which I wrote already in early 2020 for my first solo exhibition at the Aksakov House Museum in Ufa. In the...


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