The exhibition "Culture and Traditions of the peoples of Russia" is coming soon


As part of the Year of Cultural Heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation, the Denis Davydov Library is holding an exhibition "Culture and Traditions of the Peoples of Russia. On the winds of history."

I presented one folk still life "Indian Time, July", where there is a folk toy. In the rest of the works, our architectural monuments are "Serapion's Chamber" (written in the pandemic. I recently learned that the painting of the Serapion Chamber was done by Marina Nikolaevna Sokolova, one of the famous icon painters of the Soviet period); "Christmas Eve" (written with the blessing of the rector in the Kazan Cathedral of Peter and Paul at 6 am before the service, one of the outstanding monuments of the Peter the Great Baroque); "A thunderstorm in the Vysoko-Petrovsky Monastery" (I wrote a sketch in the rain under the refectory gallery; "Sunrise in Makolovo" (a sketch from the bell tower of the church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in Makolovo, which was built by my great-great-great-grandfather, near Saransk).

The exhibition will run from May 28 to the end of August at the address: Mukomolny Ave., 9, bldg. 2, Moscow.