Spring plein-airs have begun. My favorite Abramtsevo.


Spring plein-airs have begun. I write in my favorite Abramtsevo.

In the morning there was an April gloom, I thought that nothing, but I will have time to sort out the details of oil sketch without changing the shadows. I soon realized that I was not dressed very warmly and was freezing, but I did not even think about going home with an unfinished sketch. There was no sun, and a strong wind was blowing, I was frozen and blown out, the sketch flew on its back (does it have a back?) 4 times and forward a couple of times, well, that's not in the water. I asked the God for the sun to keep me warm. When the brush began to shake in my hands, I began to run around the dam, - it helped to charge with heat for 15 minutes.) But then the sun came out, and the clouds scattered in 5 minutes! Therefore, I continued to finish the sunny April work, changing the accents.

And how quickly the Vorya melts, in a week there will be no more of this amazing beautiful melted ice, although I will look for it.