On papa's birthday, I hung Georgian sketches on the Georgian courtyard.


On my papa's birthday, George in the baptism, I hung Georgian sketches on the Patriarchal courtyard of the Church of the Great Martyr George the Victorious in Gruziny. Sketches on the second floor of the Georgian courtyard cafe грузинскоеподворье.рф, where Georgians and Russians come after the service and at any time, is represented so far by two works - "Twilight in my yard. Sioni Cathedral." and "Grandma from Betlemi. Old Tbilisi." On the ground floor in the bakery there are sketches from Mtskheta ("Samtavro Monastery"), Tbilisi, Kvariati.

I am glad that the Georgian audience will see their native places. I am glad that this is happening at the Church of St. George. I am glad for their hospitality and broad soul. )

On September 9, I'm flying to Georgia for sketchees on my independent magical route for the next beauties, to absorb and write - Gergeti - Mtskheta - Ushguli - Kvariati - Tbilisi.