I make a drawing of a copy-reconstruction of a fresco of the 11th century on the Georgian Partyarche metochion.


Before going to the wall, I carried out a huge research work to find data for the restoration-reconstruction of the lost parts of the fresco of St. George, created in 1096 by the court painter Tevdore in the church in Iprari in Upper Svaneti in Georgia. I also made a lot of different tracings to understand what and how Tevdore drew in the 11th century.

The level of Tevdore's frescoes is amazing with its beauty, high professionalism and uniqueness.

I do not assume that I have managed to recreate at least the entire drawing, but from what can be done at the moment, I have done everything. I collected the lost Diocletian in parts - the head and approximately the shoulder girdle with the right hand were taken directly from the fresco of 1096 year, and the rest of the pose was taken from a photograph of a copy of the reconstruction of his fresco, but of 1130 year, which was performed in 1906 year by Georgian masters. St. George the Victorious and the horse were perfectly preserved for their almost millennial age. And how amazing it is that such a painting has come down to us.)