I completed an internship in monumental Christian painting


I completed my internship at the All-Russian Art Research and Restoration Center named after Academician I.E. Grabar on monumental Christian painting by passing the restoration Council.

During the internship for a month (10 days in the center plus independent work), I made two copies-reconstructions of the waist and height portrait of the prophet King David, seven cripples of the prophetic series - the prophets Isaiah, Nahum, Gedeon, David, Solomon, height, waist and portrait copies. I worked with the prophetic row of the 12th century Church of St. George the Victorious in Staraya Ladoga, Byzantine painting. The training was conducted according to the method of copying and reconstruction of Adolf Nikolaevich Ovchinnikov, who left us on April 15, 2021 at the age of 89. Read more about him in the previous news and in the Internet. You can find an interview with him on youtube and understand what kind of person he was. I think that he not only watched us from the photo, but was also invisibly presented, and undoubtedly rejoiced. I was the first person in four years to be allowed to do an internship again.

The restoration council was held on February 15 at Candlemas, the day when my papa was buried a year ago. The Lord is preparing amazing ways for us.