Coffee table of montain poplar and fir root

60,000 rubles.

A coffee table made of cut of mountain poplar and fir root will bring a natural touch to the interior of a country house or apartment. The stunning texture of mountain poplar is revealed and emphasized by polishing and glossy varnish, due to which the fibers and iridescence of the wood play beautifully in the sun. The elegant base of the fir root is covered with varnish, emphasizing the silky shine of the whitish-yellow sapwood. Part of the root is cleared of sapwood, which shows a beautiful difference between the textures of sound wood and sapwood. The shape of the table is dictated by the structure and pattern of the tree. The coffee table is solid, stands very stable, it is impossible to overturn.

Table top dimensions: length - 90 cm, width - 52 cm, table top thickness - 4.0 cm. Table height - 56 cm.

This unique author's product will allow you to favorably decorate any interior in a classic or country style and loft, it will look good next to the fireplace and next to an ordinary chair or sofa.

It is possible to make author's tables of different sizes and different types of wood.