Wall lamp "Flame" from alder with wrought copper lampshade

30 000 rub.

A beautiful sconce in the shape of a flame from a cut of an alder with a forged copper lamp delight you with a warm cozy light.

The surface of the alder cut is covered with a glossy varnish, the shape of the cut resembles a flame, and the wood has the color of fire, which gives a warm light like from a fireplace in the evenings. This designer candlestick for a mignon lamp is made of wrought copper coated with a glossy varnish. The overflow of wood plays beautifully in the light. The sconce switch is made of plum wood, the wire length is more than 2 m, which allows you to hang the sconce even far from the outlet.

Overall dimensions - 75 cm / 60 cm. Alder sawn cut thickness - 4 cm.